Link Building: How to Rank High on Google?

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March 29, 2019
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April 18, 2019

Link Building: How to Rank High on Google?

link building
There is no shortcut or simple answer to link building or how to rank high in google? There are number of facets and considerations involved when it comes to ranking high on search engines. SEO is a slow process. It needs time and your cynosure.
We are going to discuss briefly on the matters of how to rank high on google with the assistance of link building search engine optimization ranking. Following are some of the tips you can use to rank higher.

Link Building

Off page SEO is one of most important factors that will help you in search engine optimization ranking. Off page SEO is usually associated with link building, While it is is one of the most important part of off page SEO, but off page optimization is much more than that.
Link building + social media marketing+ Social BookMarking = Off Page SEO
A higher ranking websites has backlinks, from another high quality website. Secondly, a good social media presence. It has likes, follows, shares etc. Then there is bookmarking.

A simple enough equation.

Coming to Link building, it is one of the most favoured and potent off page optimization method. To put it simply, the number of external links signify the number of testimonies you have, or the number of votes or endorsements you have. The more the number of backlinks, the more you are likely to rank higher in google and other search engines.
Other than high site ranking, external links also increases the authority of your website.
Now, to gain authority you must have authority backlinks. What is high authority of backlinks you ask? As mentioned a high quality or high authority website is the most trusted by users as well as google. So naturally you need relevant sites which have high authority to link your site.
Link relevancy has become increasingly important to rank high on search engine result pages. Preferably you need website links to the site that have domain authority of more than or equal to 40/100. However you can also link to relevant sites which doesn’t have as much domain authority. Admittedly it would not garner as much results as a high authority site.
Try to find websites that has link relevancy and higher authority. As google algorithms has changed a lot, linking to irrelevant sites would get you negative effects.

How to effectively build links?

Well google prefers a natural links. But… that is very slow process. So, you can use a number of link building tactics.
Manual Outreach link building:
This link building tactic is slow but effective for startups. When you search for keywords for your site in google, the top results would be relevant high authority websites with authority backlinks. Now these are your competitors. Gather those websites email addresses. The important thing is the messages you send to these websites.
The messages should be personalised and not a general statement which you copy and paste to everyone. Also don’t ask for backlinks out right. Share with them your best content.
Broken Link Building
: This cunning link building tactic would help you and the other website as well. Old and high authority websites can potentially have broken links. Because those links might no longer be available. You can use softwares to check for broken links on a website and ask for your link instead of those broken links. A win-win for both the parties.
Guest Posts for Link Building:
You can offer to post as a guest on their website. However, the content should be relevant to their website as well yours. It should be original and of great quality. This is a good way to get backlinks to your website.
Other than link building there are number of factors that matter when it comes to ranking higher on SERPS. For example, web design. Site speed on mobile phone as well as computer, quality and original piece of content.
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