what is the most common form of online advertising

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April 18, 2019
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April 18, 2019

what is the most common form of online advertising

on page seo

what is the most common form of online advertising

Some consider search engine optimization or on page SEO and online advertising both of which are subset of digital advertising, to be synonymous. SEO and internet marketing work together with one another and function in the same way. However, they are different and separate from each other.

What is on page SEO?

On page SEO is all that you can do on your website to increase your rank on search engines. This includes visual and written content and HTML source that can be optimized. The ultimate aim is to rank higher and grow relevant traffic. Below are some important aspects of on page SEO, which should be given significance and emphasis. •
Use keywords in your content to rank higher, long tail keywords are better than short keywords. Also remember to use keywords variations to avoid penalization. They should constitute 2 to 3 percent of the total content.
Whether it is written content or visual one, it has to be good in terms of originality, grammar and should be interesting. It should have an excellent image and video description. It goes without saying that the content should be authentic and well researched.
Title tags:
It’s an HTML element that specifies title of the website. Title tags are displayed on search engine result pages. It’s a headline which is accurate and summarizes the page content.
URL should describe as closely and as briefly as possible the content of the page. Internet users should be able to know what the webpage is about without clicking on it, just by seeing the URL. For example, https://92branders.com/social-media-marketing-plan/ . This URL is clear and concise what the content would be about.
User friendliness:
Your website should easy to navigate and should welcome crawlers. Users should find what they are looking for quickly. The speed of page loading is very important. The page loading should be fast.
• Headings: From H1 to H6. H1 being the biggest in terms of size and h6 being the shortest.
• Meta tags: This is the description that would appear on the search engine result page (SERP).

What is Online Advertising?

Online advertising also knows as online marketing and internet marketing is the promotion of the services or products on the internet. Let’s look at some of the types of online marketing.
Display Ads:
This is the oldest, common and well know form of internet marketing. It includes web banners or banner ads. This banner can be in any shape and size, it could be still or animated. It can be a pop ups, flash and a video.
Email Ads:
It is one of the most common form of advertising. These advertisements can come in the form of newsletter, coupons or they can advertise some time-specific deals.
SEM and SEO:
Search engine marketing and optimization promote content and increase visibility through searches. In SEM advertisers pay each time users click on the ad. Advertisers use SEO tactic to rank higher in search engines result by using keywords, linking, using good content and through meta description. •
Social Media Ads:
This market arena is one of the most proficient and effective. There are two types of social media ads. Organic in which you get feedback from target audience and create trustworthiness. The second one is paid. Which can be a photo, video and text that reaches specific people.
Native ads:
These ads don’t look like ads but like a part of editorial flow and looks like a regular content. These ads don’t disrupt your online experience, for example, ads on your social networking sites.
Mobile Ads:
More people use mobile phones so that all advertisements should be compatible and adapted to mobile platforms.

SEO and Digital Marketing.

The changing patterns of SEO over the time has proved its importance in online advertising. In today's, competitive business environment you have to make sure you are visible to your target audience and this is where SEO comes in.
It increases your traffic, it also tracks and gives you feedback on how your online adsstrategies are working out. Your return on investment as compared to your investment can be traced through it. It is more cost effective because you target the audience specifically looking for your product. This is made clear that SEO increases site usability. As SEO increases your site visibility it also increases your brand awareness. More the views and visibility more the awareness.
In short on page SEO and Digital marketing work in tandem to improve your business.
Video ads, email marketing, advertising campaign, social media advertising are the key factors for ranking high on SEO

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